How to Log on for the first time


You can use this reference as you log on for the first time, just switch between this window and the edumail window.


Mac and Netscape users will get a similar but not identical box - keep going!

Enter your username.

Enter your temporary password (the first two letters of your last name plus the zip code of where your check is sent)

Make sure the 'Save this password in your password list' is NOT checked.

Click the 'OK' button

3. This will bring up the  Internet Service Manger.

Fill out each area as follows:

Warning : Passwords must be at least 7 characters in length and they should contain upper and lower case characters as well as a number or character . If you fail to do this, your password is much more susceptible to being hacked.


a). In the Account field enter your username with a seattleschools\ in front of it.  

        So if your username is jbsmith, you would enter:   seattleschools\jbsmith

 b) In the Old password field enter your employee ID again, but without the seattleschools\ in front

c) In the New password field, enter a new password

d)  In the Confirm new password field, re-enter your new password. 



4. You have reset you password! OWA will bring up the login screen again.

Log in with your username and new password

5. Finished! If you think your password was reset incorrectly, call the help desk at 252-0333.